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Warper Beams

Dynamically balanced warper beams of flange diameter from 700mm – 1600mm and warping width upto 2800mm. Warper Beams are assembled and dynamically balanced at our facility. Hollow and Solid Flange design available.

Tricot Beams

  • Our Tricot Beams are casted from high-strength aluminium alloys.

    • 21 x 21 inch

    • 30 x 21 inch

  • Hard anodized treated

  • Dynamically balanced

Gears and Hubs

  • Drive Gears can be manufactured to any specification required.

  • Hubs and Chucks can be manufactured to any specification required.

Cloth Rolls

Cloth Rollers for Tsudakoma, Picanol, Toyota, or can be manufactured to specifications.

Beam Barrels

We supply Beam Barrells manufactured to your specifications.

Weaver Beams

Weaver Beams for any loom with flange diameter from 600mm – 1270mm. Diameter and width ranging from 160cms. to 400 cms.

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